Benefits of LVT

Huge choice in terms of decors across wood, ceramic, stone, and geometric designs

Impressive realism – not just in the design but in finishing techniques that allow for wood knots you can feel, tiles you can install grout lines, etc. See appearance options.

Excellent performance in durability for high traffic areas, scratch resistance, and cleanability. Vinyl also tends to be much more non-slip than natural materials. Products are water-resistant for bathrooms and kitchens.

Warm and soft to touch compared to ceramic and stone floors – and a good heat insulator, and suitable for use with underfloor heating systems. (Correct Adhesive Required)

Sound reduction – vinyl is good for impact sound compared to the tap/click of laminate and transmits less sound and vibration compared to solid floor.

Considerably cheaper than the ‘real’ thing – both to buy and to fit – and tile/plank approach minimises wastage.

Product options

  • Dry back – a sheet or tile that needs to be fixed to the sub-floor using an adhesive.
  • Loose lay vinyl – tiles that simply drop onto the floor and rely on a high friction backing to keep them in place – they demand a very sound, level sub-floor but are the easiest type of tile to lay or replace.
  • Click – tiles that have a mechanical jointing system to attach to one another (like a locked tongue and groove system) and ‘float’ on the sub-floor without being glued down. There are many proprietary versions of the click system which offer fast, clean installation and stability.

Appearance options

Vinyl tiles and planks cover a huge variety of sizes and shapes and can be mix-and-matched to achieve an infinite number of designs. Current fashions include extra wide and long planks for wood through to very small planks for wood. Border effects can be easy to achieve in LVT.

Other notable options include:

  • Embossed – this is where the top dear layer of the tile has been embossed to create a realistic texture that matches the style of the stone of wood decor. Registered embossed is the most authentic the texture matches the design so that, for example, a wood knot or hand-scraped element in the wood design can be felt on the surface of the flooring.
  • Grouting and grooving – vinyl tiles can be laid with grouting inlay strips. Inwood decors, planks are available with -grooves or beveled edges between planks for added realism.

Examples of LVT